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2031 Views Adult (No PORN)
DESCRIPTION : Sexy Big Titty Slut Strips and Masturbates on her Webcam
Some girls have the physical attributes to make a mans mouth water. This chick is one of them.
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731 Views Hosted Videos
DESCRIPTION : World's 'fastest' swimsuit unveiled
Speedo consulted the U.S. space agency NASA while developing the swimsuit's drag reduction technology. Fashion house Comme des Garcons also contributed to the high-tech suit's design.
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4181 Views Hosted Videos
DESCRIPTION : Virgin Maidens of Zululand - Africa Travel Channel - The Roy...
Pretty odd tribe.
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832 Views Cool
DESCRIPTION : Best Halloween Costumes Tribute Video
Some of the best Halloween costumes used in the past - some are really creative... might give you a good idea for your costume this year :)
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1060 Views Media
DESCRIPTION : Fat Virus Test
INTRO - You've likely seen the latest headlines about how a common-cold virus might contribute to obesity. But did you know there's a test that can tell if you've been infected? Before you opt for the test, there's disagreement on whether doing so makes sense.
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905 Views News
DESCRIPTION : Cambodians left mentally scarred by Khmer Rouge regime
Some 30 percent of Cambodia's nearly 14 million people reportedly suffer from debilitating mental conditions, many of them linked to the brutal Khmer Rouge atrocities in the 1970s. The start of a tribunal to try surviving leaders of the regime is expected to aggravate many of those old psyc...
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1158 Views Popular Videos
DESCRIPTION : Amazing Swimming Babies
The company I work for (YMCA) is starting a new survival course for infants and todlers. Here is a video that I was asked to put together to distribute to parents to convince more... them to enroll their children. The footage is amazing. These courses have saved babies from drowning all over f...
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2576 Views Adult (No PORN)
DESCRIPTION : Naughty Strip Pussy Rubbing Video Leaked Online
Don't ask me why girls think this type of shit will be safe online with their man. Stupidity is the number one contributor to online amateur porn.
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973 Views Funny
DESCRIPTION : Awesome Drunk Dancer
There is no better use for the Internet than distributing videos of drunk white guys dancing.
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987 Views Funny
DESCRIPTION : Little Girl Causes an Accident with her Evil Tribal Chant
Obviously this is some sort of voodoo shit because the chick crashes for absolutely no other reason.
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1744 Views Dance
DESCRIPTION : Girl Shows you how to do Some Tribal Dancing
Beautiful tribal drum solo and belly dancing beauty.
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1001 Views Celebrity
DESCRIPTION : Steve Irwin Tribute Pics
He was a smart and good man - it's a shame his career took his life.
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1262 Views Media
DESCRIPTION : World's Greatest Elvis contest
Tribute acts from around the globe are battling it out for the title of The World's Greatest Elvis.
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1003 Views Media
DESCRIPTION : Government Spending, Lower Taxes and Economic Prosperity
As president, John McCain will work to ensure that money spent by Congress, and contributed by hardworking American taxpayers, is used wisely and prudently on legitimate national priorities, not squandered on wasteful pet projects and special interest earmarks.
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